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CPVC pipe fittings are widely used in hot and cold water piping systems in civil buildings, drinking water systems in hotels, hospitals, schools and other public buildings, fire-fighting piping systems, as well as all kinds of weak acid and alkaline liquid chemical piping systems.

CPVC pipe has heat-resistant, weather-resistant, chemical medium corrosion resistance, flame retardant, smoke retardant, and other superior physical and chemical properties, the series of products in the world is becoming more and more popular, the market outlook is very broad.


Raw Material:

Preferred high-quality raw materials provided by a large foreign chemical company, Sekisui, Japan, so far more than 15 years of cooperation; In 2018, relying on a strong technical research and development team, ERA has successfully developed a very cost-effective CPVC independent formulations, cost-effective, to meet the needs of customers at different levels of each market;

All the raw materials shall be inspected in accordance with relevant standards, and the unqualified raw materials will be rejected ;

In addition to physical property testing, all the raw materials shall be assessed the long-term safety such as weather resistance, so as to ensure environmental protection, safety and reliability of our products


Production Capacity:

For CPVC pipe production, totally we have 15 extrusion lines, including 3 production lines of German Battenfeld-cincinnati . The annual capacity could reach 20,000 tons; For CPVC fittings production, totally we have 150 injection machines, covering scale from 200g to 5000g, with our manipulator, robot and other automation equipment , we could achieve 90% automatic production, and the annual capacity is more than 8500 tons. So we have sufficient capacity to complete large orders from domestic and foreign market.


Quality Control:
ERA's quality control process mainly includes the first piece inspection, process inspection, packaging inspection and finished product inspection.

The first piece shall be inspected by producer, mechanic and quality inspection specialist. After it’s confirmed to qualified, then we could start the mass production.

Process inspection shall be randomly conducted by process inspectors every four hours to supervise the quality of bulk order.

Packaging inspection shall be randomly conducted by process inspectors to supervise the quality of goods and packaging during the packaging process.

Finished product inspection includes: 

A. Product performance inspection, in strict accordance with DIN8077 standard, including appearance, dimensions (inside diameter, wall thickness, socket depth, diameter), light tightness, maximum non-roundness, melt flow rate, hydrostatic test.

B. Product packaging inspection: packaging quantity, label content, carton content, packaging material quality.
We take strict inspection and monitoring standard to ensure the quality of finished products could meet quality standards and customers’ requirements ,

Product Ranges:
ERA has the most complete variety of CPVC products in the world, covering industrial, commercial and residential uses. 

For Industrial uses, ERA has CPVC valves and CPVC SCH80 series. 

For commercial, ERA has the CPVC fire production system, 

and for residential uses, ERA has CPVC ASTM D2846, CPVC DIN, and CPVC NBR 15884 series.















"ERA" plastic pipe export volume has ranked first in China's plastic pipe industry for many continuous years, while the production and sales volume ranked second in the industry.

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