Production bases in the world
Administrating 16 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 2 holding subsidiaries.
Production lines
Production capacity annually
Valve production capacity annually
Exported to 146 countries and regions 
International certificates including NSF, DVGW, TUV, WRAS......
No.1 pipe fitting export manufacturer
Keen to provide customers with more sanitary and safe piping products.
Solution & Service
ERA Pipe Fitting provides comprehensive pipeline solutions and services for various applications, ensuring efficient and reliable performance in different contexts, while delivering superior customer service.
  • Authority
    We have many professional inspections and certificates. We had passed inspections of CE, NSF, SCS, and get the certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and WRAS, and so on.
  • Team
    We have professional R&D team, QA&QC team, marketing team. We have many patents and awards, can supply highest quality OEM products, and help you and do with you to settle any kind of logistical probl.​​​​​​​
  • Production capacity
    With an annual production capacity of 1,600,000 
    tons, ERA Co., Ltd. has more than 7000 employees in 13 factories covering 1,534,000 square meters in China, including 5 factories in Taizhou, and the other 8 ones in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Anhui , Hunan and Jiangsu.Equipped with 1480 injection machines, 635 extrusion machines and 60000+ products, ERA reached a sales turnover of USD 1,394,230,000 in 2021 including export sales covering 146 countries all over the world.
Description of use of irrigation pipe fittings

Dear customers, welcome to know about our high-quality irrigation pipe products. These pipes are an important part of the irrigation system, they play an important role in various scenarios. In the following sections, we will detail the uses of these fittings to help you better understand their func

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HDPE pipes and compression fittings (8).jpg
PE Pipe---A Good Choice for Agricultural Irrigation

(1) What is PE pipe?Polyethylene pipe, referred to as PE pipe , is a kind of pipe made of polyethylene. Usually, it can be divided into high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE), each of which has unique properties and usage. HDPE pipe is widely used in engineering because

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Underground pipe galleries (3).jpg
Underground pipe galleries crack the pain of the city, improve the inner business card

"The underground pipe galleries alleviate the urban burden and enhance the city's infrastructure. This year, we plan to further expand the renovation of the city's aging gas, water supply, sewage, and heating networks, with a target of transforming over 100,000 kilometers." -- Ministry of Housing an

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The Port of Qingdao.png
The Port of Qingdao

The Port of Qingdao is a port in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, located on the shore of Jiao Zhou Bay on the Shandong Peninsula, bordering on the Yellow Sea and across the sea from Japan and the Korean Peninsula, and it is an international trade port and transit hub along the Yellow River Basin

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Ordos Equipment Manufacturing Base.png
Ordos Equipment Manufacturing Base

Ordos Equipment Manufacturing Base is a key industrial zone approved by Ordos Municipal People's Government, adhering to the principle of high starting point planning, high standard construction and high efficiency management, and constructing in accordance with the standard of ecological and garden

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diaoyutai state guesthouse.png
ERA’s contribution to Diaoyutai State Guesthouse

On the eve of the National Day in 1959, in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in Chongqing, foreign heads of state and government attending the National Day in China were received, and the ancient Diaoyutai Scenic Area was selected to build the

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Taierzhuang Ancient City.png
Taierzhuang Ancient City

Taierzhuang Ancient City is a historic and cultural city in Shandong Province, China, known as the "Museum of Ancient Chinese Military Affairs.". In order to protect and restore the original appearance of the ancient city, the Taierzhuang Ancient City project has carried out multiple projects, inclu

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The project on transforring using coal to gas in Xiongxian, Xiongan New Area(1).png
The project on transforring using coal to gas in Xiongxian, Xiongan New Area

Xiong'an New Area has been adhering to the requirements of high-quality development since the early stage of construction, grasping the original intention of Beijing firmly as a concentrated carrier of non capital functions, insist on ecological priority and green development, put the people at the

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The Ibis Hotel.png
ERA PVC drain pipe: Helping Ibis Hotel create the world's top luxury experience

The Ibis Hotel in Australia is a world-renowned high-end hotel located in the center of Perth, Western Australia. As a member of the international luxury hotel brand Ibis Hotels Group, the hotel is widely praised for its luxury, comfort and unique design. In this high-profile project, ERA Co., Ltd p

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the Presidential Palace of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (1).png
ERA PVC drainage pipe: building an international brand with quality and injecting new impetus into the construction of the Presidential Palace of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

According to the important remarks of General Secretary Xi Jinping, China must accelerate its transformation from a large trading country to a powerful trading country, consolidate its traditional advantages in foreign trade, cultivate new competitive advantages, and expand its foreign trade develop

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Wrapped structural wall pipe (the first picture).png
Balance choice between drainage and earthquake resistance in ERA Research Institute

Plate collision, flash floods, debris flow sweeping ...Sudden natural disasters often bring irreparable blows to our ecological circle.In recent years, the earthquake news that has been rushing to the trading topic and the buildings that have been reduced to ruins under natural disasters also bring

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Intelligent Factory(1).png
Intelligent ERA丨ERA was awarded the high-performance pipeline intelligent factory.

Recently, Zhejiang Enterprise Informatization Promotion Association announced the list of future factories and smart factories (digital workshops) in Zhejiang Province in 2023, and "ERA high-performance pipeline smart factory" was successfully recognized as a smart factory in Zhejiang Province in 20

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Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center.png
Beijing Capital International Airport

The Beijing Capital International Airport is the first major civilian transport airport since the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China.At the start of the 1980s, Beijing Capital International Airport officially changed its name to Beijing Capital International Airport, and in 1980, Te

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National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)(1).png
National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)

The China International Import Expo has often brought Shanghai to the forefront of world attention. The National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the massive venue hosting the CIIE, is one of the ERA Pipeline's flagship project instances. This new Shanghai International Convention and Ex

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The first image of the switch.jpg
Whole-house fire protection system

In our daily lifeElectricity plays a very important roleWe can't live without electricity.However, accidents caused by electricity in the disaster areas are frequently reportedHow can we ensure the safety of electricity? ERA whole-house fire protection systemFrom the front end to the end of electric

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ERA TIPS 丨 Winter water pipe maintenance, a full understanding.

Namephoto introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo intro

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cpvc pipe fitting china.jpg
Why choose CPVC?

What is cpvc? CPVC stands for Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a type of thermoplastic material made by chlorinating PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) resin. The chlorination process enhances the material's heat resistance and overall performance, making CPVC suitable for a wide range of applications, p

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What is the difference between PVC and UPVC?

The main difference between PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) lies in their chemical composition and properties. Both are types of plastic, but they have distinct characteristics and applications due to the presence or absence of plasticizers. Chemical Composition:

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vicat soft point test.jpg
Vicat Softening Temperature

1. What is Vicat softening temperature? Vicat softening temperature test is a method for measuring Vicat softening temperature of thermoplastic pipes and fittings. It is suitable for thermoplastic plastic materials that can measure the temperature when the pipe begins to soften rapidly, and is not s

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pipe lab test.jpg
CPVC Pipe Longitudinal Reversion Test.

What is the Pipe Longitudinal Reversion Test?The Pipe Longitudinal Reversion Test, also known as the heat reversion test, is a method used to assess the degree of longitudinal contraction of a pipe during the cooling process. It is usually expressed as a percentage, which reflects the shrinkage rate

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pe irrigation pipe.jpg
What type of pipe is used for irrigation?

With the continuous development of agriculture and the advancement of urbanization, the demand of irrigation market is increasing gradually, and the selection of pipes as the core component of irrigation system is very important for the efficiency and reliability of the system. As a professional pip

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cpvc fitting, cpvc valve.jpg
CPVC Flattening Test

CPVC pipe fittings are widely used in hot and cold water piping systems in civil buildings, drinking water systems in hotels, hospitals, schools and other public buildings, fire-fighting piping systems, as well as all kinds of weak acid and alkaline liquid chemical piping systems. CPVC pipe has hea

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pvc pipe warehouse.png
How to Test UPVC pipe fitting in factory?

In ERA factory, daily testing and quality control are essential to ensure that the products meet the required standards and specifications. Some of the common daily tests that a factory may perform for UPVC pipe fittings include: Dimensional checks: Daily measurements are taken to verify the fitting

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double wall corrugated drain pipe.jpg
What is HDPE Double-Wall Corrugated Pipe?

What is HDPE Double-Wall Corrugated Pipe? 1. What is HDPE Double-Wall Corrugated Pipe? HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Double-Wall Corrugated Pipe is a type of plastic pipe used in a variety of applications, primarily for the purpose of conveying fluids, such as water or sewage. It is characterize

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pp pipes.jpg
How to choose PPR pipes in different conditions?

How to choose PPR pipes in different conditions? This article is to guide users to select PPR pipes in different conditions like Pressure, Temperature, and Grade.

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How to produce UPVC fittings?.jpg
How to produce UPVC fittings?

As one of the largest pipe manufacturers, ERA Pipe fittings has an annual production capacity of 1,600,000 Tons. Meanwhile, ERA has more than 1480 injection machines. How is UPVC pipe produced? Now let me introduce you. Producing UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) fittings involves a manufactu

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How to produce UPVC pipe?

As one of the largest pipe manufacturers, ERA Pipe fittings has an annual production capacity of 1,600,000 Tons. How is UPVC pipe produced? Now let me introduce you. Producing UPVC pipes involves several steps in a manufacturing process. The process can vary depending on the specific equipment and t

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ERA Switches: Brings A Sense of Ritual to Everyday Life.

Introduction: Someone said, "To resist boring life, one must approach it with a serious attitude and a sense of ritual." Every design of our houses, including the ubiquitous switches and sockets, reflects our ideal lifestyle. ERA introduces the new E21 (Shining Color) ultra-thin switch series, an ep

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Cpvc fitting cts_1287_758.png
Whats the features and Benefits of ERA CPVC PIPE FITTINGS?

Namephoto introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo intro

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polyethylene pipe pe pipe.jpg
Empowering the Modernization of Global Agricultural Irrigation:ERA PIPING SYSTEM

Today, in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, I am overwhelmed by the vast farmland. The integration of contemporary technology has brought enormous transformations. Especially modern equipment such as solar-powered remote control timing system and ERA pipeline, it has saved huge labor costs for farmland. W

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HDPE PIPE FITTING, pe elbow_813_610.png

1. What is HDPE?

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Pvc pipe, drainage pipe.jpg
What are Drainage pipeline?

What are Drainage pipeline? 1.What are drainage pipeline?The pipeline system used for discharge&sewage &waste. it can be divided into drainage pipes, drainage fittings, floor drains, and other series。The main drainage pipeline material is UPVC ,which has good flame retardant insulation, strong acid

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cpvc pipe fitting.jpg
Civilian product——CPVC

1. What is cpvc for civil use? CPVC is a high-temperature plastic pressure piping system introduced for potable plumbing in 1959. It has also been used extensively in fire sprinkler systems since 1985. This material is also used for many industrial and process piping applications.

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Pvc glue.png
Matters concerning pvc glue

Characteristics And Application Of PVC Pipe Glue PVC Pipe Glue has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties. It is convenient and safe to construct, non-toxic and tasteless, and has certain flame retardancy.Beca

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Pvc pipe, pvc fitting.jpg
What are the questions about ERA pressure pipes and fittings products?

What is pvc pressure pipe and fitting? PVC pressure pipe and fittings are made by sanitary grade PVC resin, adding quantitative stabilizer, lubricant, filler, coloring agent, etc., and through the plastic extruder extrusion molding and injection molding machine, through cooling, curing, shaping, te

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1. What is CPVC Fire Protection Systems A CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) fire protection system refers to a fire safety system that utilizes CPVC pipes, fittings, and components for the distribution of water in the event of a fire. CPVC fire protection systems are designed to detect, control,

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What is a PVC conduit? A PVC electrical conduit is commonly known as a white rigid PVC tube for threading and protecting wires from corrosion and electrical leakage. The most basic of the home improving is the installation of wire layout. In order to protect the wire when designing the system, we wi

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A. What is PPR?PPR stands for Polypropylene Random. It is a type of plastic material used in various applications, most commonly in plumbing and piping systems. It uses random copolymerization technology, guaranteeing the strength and high temperature resistance of polypropylene, thus makes PPR the

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AS/NZS 1260 Standards for PVC-U pipe fittings for sewer, Authoritative Products Approved by Sai Global

What is AS/NZS 1260?AS/NZS 1260 is a PVC-U pipe and fitting standard applicated for sewer, drain waste and vent (DWV pipeline system). In this piping system the operating pressure is low or it’s under gravity flow. Which Material does AS/NZS 1260 use?AS/NZS 1260 pipe line system use unplasticized Po

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AS/NZS 1477 PVC-U Pressure Pipes and Fittings, Authoritative Products Approved by Sai Global

What are PVC-U pressure pipes and fittings?PVC-U (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) pressure pipes and fittings are well-known as their high strength weight ratio and exceptional resistance to corrosion or chemical attack. Because of their outstanding performance, they are ideal and now widely accep

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What is PLASTIC VALVE?A plastic valve is a valve made of plastic material that is used primarily for fluid control. They are common in many industrial applications, such as the chemical, water treatment, food and medical industries. Plastic valves are resistant to corrosion, high pressure and high t

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A list of frequently asked questions about rain gutters

What is rain gutter?A rain gutter l is a component of a water discharge system for a building. It is necessary to prevent water dripping or flowing off roofs in an uncontrolled manner for several reasons: to prevent it damaging the walls, drenching persons standing below or entering the building, an

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Common problems of industrial products

What is the Advantage of Plastic Industrial Piping System Compare to Metal System? There are many advantages of PVC/CPVC piping system compare to metal system.

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Why pp compression fittings are the best fittings for using?

1. what is PP Compression Fittings?PP compression fittings are mechanical joint fittings, which is made of polypropylene. They provide a convenient and reliable method for joining pipes without the need for specialized tools or equipment. The fittings are typically made from high-quality polyprop

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How to Use Glue for Bonding UPVC Pipes?

How to Use Glue for Bonding UPVC Pipes

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Advantages of ERA Agricultural pipe fittings

Advantages of ERA Agricultural pipe fittings High-Quality Materials: ERA agri pipe fittings are made from high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion, UV rays, and other environmental factors, ensuring a longer lifespan of your agricultural piping system.

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What are the main characteristics of agri pipe fittings?

What are the main characteristics of agri pipe fittings? Agriculture is to provide basic products to support the construction and development of the national economy. With the continuous development of modern agriculture, this also requires a series of high-efficiency water supply products for irrig

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The Application and Installation of PP Compression Fittings

What is PP compression fittings? Over the years, PP compression fittings have been widely used in agricultural irrigation, drinking water supply and other piping systems.

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ERA PP 4.png
How to connect PP compression fitting?

PP Compression fittings are used in plumbing and irrigation systems to join two tubes together. PP thread fittings allow for a quick, simple insertion of the tube, considerably reducing installation time: simply loosen the nut (without removing it), and insert the pipe.

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What is PP compression fittings?

PP compression fitting and valves are widely used in irrigation, agriculture, gardening, residential, municipal, drinking water supply and etc.

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ERA in 135th Canton Fair.jpg
ERA in 135th Canton Fair

The 135th Canton Fair was held in Guangzhou in three phases from April 15 to May 5 as scheduled. This year's Canton Fair covers an exhibition area of 1.55 million square meters, provides 74,000 booths, and the number of exhibitors is at a record high of more than 29,000 companies. Among them, 28,600

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ERA retained Samsung supplier(4).jpg
Crown honor |2024 Supplier Composite index released, ERA retained Samsung supplier

On April 8th, 2024, the "5 Light peers Twinkling stars" mining co-organizer Conference 5 was successfully held in Chongqing, and the site released the 2024 supplier Comprehensive Index SCI evaluation results, which was praised and recognized by hundreds of government units, buyers, suppliers, indust

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WORLDBEX 2024 (4)_副本.jpg

The Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition (WORLDBEX) is one of the most important building materials exhibitions in Southeast Asia, with more than 150,000 visitors annually, it is known as the most attended construction expo in Asia. Founded in 1996, the show is an important platform

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Turn off the heating.png
Attention! Attention! Heating is about to end, do you know these precautions?

As the heating season draws to end, make sure to keep these tips in mind firmly! Maybe a small detail during the heating off period can significantly increase the lifespan of the heating system. Underfloor heating1. Check for leaks: When the heating supply is turned off, the temperature decrea

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Picture of the exhibition.jpg
Exhibition Direct | Irrigation to strengthen agriculture, ERA empowers modern agricultural construction

01 Green-agricultural farm assistance program gather us in Beijing. On March 31, the three-day 10th Beijing International Irrigation Technology Expo kicked off at the Beijing National Convention Center. As one of the three major irrigation exhibitions in the world, this Beijing International Irrigat

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smart factory (3).JPG
Smart factory - the leader of future manufacturing

What is a smart factory?Smart factory is a concept that expresses the ultimate goal of manufacturing digitalization. It refers to a factory that uses future technological means and intelligent systems to achieve efficient production, flexible manufacturing and automated operations. Smart factories

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era ‘s contribution to lucid water and lush mountaions(5).png
ERA ‘s contribution to lucid water and lush mountaions

Zhejiang, a veritable paradise on earth, is named after water. It is also prosperous and beautiful due of water. Now, the "Five Waters Co-governance" project for many years has added a new business card to her - to be strong because of water, and to become a national example of water governance. Acc

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ERA HVAC_副本.jpg
ERA HVAC |Enjoy warm winter and cool summer in the mobile room

The pursuit of the four seasons of comfortable lifeIt is a concrete expression of the good lifeERA Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning Explore the endless possibilities of the good life Research on why we can't live without air conditioning and floor heatingThe average hundred households in China

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ERA PIPING Wuhan Operation Center Grand Opening (14).jpg
Brand empowers a wonderful life 丨ERA PIPING Wuhan Operation Center Grand Opening

On the morning of March 25th, the grand opening of ERA PIPING Wuhan Operation Center and ERA 4.0 Super Brand Space marked the beginning of a brand new chapter for ERA in Wuhan market. Company leaders and two hundred industry experts and excellent partners from Hubei and Hunan provinces attended the

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10th Beijing international irrigation technology expo.jpg
ERA pipe fittings at Beijing International Irrigation Technology Exhibition

From 31st March to 2nd April, the much-anticipated 10th International Irrigation Technology Expo 2024 was held at the China National Convention Centre in Beijing. With the theme of "New Manufacturing, New Service and New Industry", this year's expo is one of the world's top three irrigation exhibit

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Moment of Glory (3).jpg
Moment of Glory | ERA was selected as one of the 100 leading private enterprises in Zhejiang in terms of social responsibility.

On March 21, 2024, the "2024 Zhejiang Private Enterprise Social Responsibility and Zhejiang Business ESG Seminar" co-sponsored by Zhejiang Federation of Industry and Commerce and Zhejiang Gongshang University was held in Lin'an, at which the "2023 Zhejiang Private Enterprise Social Responsibility 10

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The Guangzhou Asian Games Village project(2).png
The Guangzhou Asian Games Village project

The Guangzhou Asian Games Village project is an important national sports project. In order to ensure the Asian Games smooth progress, various advanced technologies have been applied, including ERA pipes. The application of the ERA pipes has played a very important role. Firstly, the ERA pipe system

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Beijing Winter Olympic Village(1).png
Beijing Winter Olympic Village

The Winter Olympics Village project is a key supporting project for various regions of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games and Winter Paralympic Game , Its overall architectural plan covers three functional areas: international area, operational area, and residential area.The Winter Olympics Villa

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Shanghai Pudong International Airport.png
Shanghai Pudong International Airport

The Shanghai Pudong International Airport is one of the country's three major hub airports and is located in Shanghai, the largest city in China. The airport is in a Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone of China's affluence. In 2019, Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the third-largest airport in

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Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center.png
Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center

Every country and city has its own historical landmarks. Beijing National Stadium, Water Cube, China pavilion, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center…These well-known structures symbolize the hope for our nation,So, what are the ERA’s stories behind these structures?Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center

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Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park (1).jpg
Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park

Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, centered around the characteristics of marine culture, consists of five theme areas, namely, Mermaid Bay where the dream begins, Polar Town of nordic style, dreamy Ice Kingdom, magical Undersea Wonderland and mysterious Ocean Tribe, which will lead us to open a wonderfu

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2024 Poland Poznan Building Materials and Hardware Exhibition (BUDMA)(2).jpg
2024 Poland Poznan Building Materials and Hardware Exhibition (BUDMA)

From January 30, 2024 to February 2, 2024, at the Poznan Convention and Exhibition Center in Poland, the annual Building Materials Exhibition (BUDMA) once again attracted global attention. The Poznan Hardware Exhibition had a certain market reputation in Eastern European countries, and ERA also part

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The Iron Army of ERA is on the march (14).jpg
The Iron Army of ERA is On the March

The flags were hunting to strengthen the heart of the army. The bugle call invigorated the iron soul. On the first working day of the Lunar New Year, the ERA Iron Army assembled again and was ready to go. They demonstrated ERA Iron Army's upward fighting spirit, courage to win the battle, courage to

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ERA Craftsman|Taizhou's First Technician Master-Chen Xiaobing

Recently, Chen Xiaobing, the young technical talent in ERA, was recommended and selected and by the enterprise, qualified for examination, reviewed by expert, publicized and so on. Finally, he became the first special grade technician in Taizhou by the Provincial Department of Human Resources and S

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speacial cases--fight against covid-19 to the end (1).png
Fight against COVID-19 to the End

ERA rushed to rescue the construction of hospitals in Wuhan and Xi’an The Spring Festival in 2020 was different from the past. The sudden COVID-19 had disrupted the peaceful and peaceful Lunar New Year, making millions of people worried all the time. In this battle against the epidemic, the cry of "

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图片era in the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge (hzmb) (1).png
ERA in the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB)

When it comes to the most spectacular sea-crossing bridges in the world, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) is undoubtedly a unique feat of engineering. Not only is it the world's longest sea-crossing bridge, but it also holds the distinction of being one of China's most extensive and most cha

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Hangzhou Asian Games Village (6)_副本.jpg
Hangzhou Asian Games Village

Hangzhou Asian Games Village is located on the south bank of Qiantang, consisting of Athletes' Village, Technical Officials' Village, the International Zone of the Media Village, the Public Zone and the Asian Games Park. The construction of the Asian Games Village follows the overall planning idea o

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资源 5.png
ERA 40th Anniversary Product Development History

Every time I ask what products to produce, it is a boost to myself.Every time I ask what sector to develop, it is a reshaping of the brand.Every time I ask what strategy to make, I am sure of the future.In ERA, faith was like a rock,It is innovative in every product change,It is persistent in every

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era enter into stock market.JPG
ERA 40th Anniversary Development History

There is a kind of light, bright and warm,Through the lapse of time,Bring out what the future will look like...

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pvc fitting factory.png
Significant Moments in the Past 40 ERA Years

These familiar place names and house numbers, such as Yinshan Road, Daixi Road, and Kangqiao East Road ... No.7, No.328, and No.888 ... are connected in series with the inner memories of ERA personnel, and they are also connected in series with the strategic layout of going east, south, north, west

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irrigation show usa_副本.jpg
Irrigation Show, San Antonio, USA

Date: 2023.11.29 to 2023.11.30Location: San Antonio, USA The Irrigation Show in San Antonio, USA is a focused event for the irrigation industry, attracting professionals and related enterprises from around the globe. ERA CO.,LTD, participated in this exhibition to showcase our plastic pipes, fitting

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2023 British International Architecture Week (UKCW)

From October 3-5, 2023, the 2023 British International Architecture Week (UKCW) was held at the NEC Exhibition Center in Birmingham, England.This is the largest construction trade fair in the UK and the only trade fair covering the full range of construction from building materials to smart technolo

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era at dubai big5.jpg
Dubai BIG 5 Show 2023

From December 4th to 7th, 2023, the Dubai BIG 5 Show 2023 was held in Dubai, creating an unprecedented spectacle. Since its inception in 1980, this exhibition had integrated MEP services, HVAC, refrigeration and cleaning, architectural interior and decoration, construction and special construction,

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bsi & era.jpg
Era & Kitemark Celebrating 120 Years of the Kitemark: A Journey of Quality Renewed by ERA

Celebrating 120 Years of the Kitemark: A Journey of Quality Renewed by ERAIn this special and proud moment, we gather here to celebrate the glorious course of Kitemark,which is a symbol of quality and safety, because it has entered its 120th year. This symbol, polished through the sands of time, bea

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ERA 1983.jpg
The 2nd Era Dream Day | Embracing Dreams, Heading Towards a Bright Tomorrow

On December 8th, the 2nd Era Dream Day "Dream Elegance Ceremony" unfolded slowly at the Era Theater, where the melodies of dreams echoed in the packed venue. The chapters of the dream, themed "Dream Debut,""Time of Dream Enjoyment," and "Dream Resonance," poured gently, opening a dream celebration f

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Time Retraces Dreams, Light and Shadow Illuminate New Journeys

----the 40th Anniversary of China ERA Group Time remarks the progress of dreamers, and witnesses the success of strivers. On the afternoon of December 7th, the opening ceremony of the 40th anniversary of the founding of ERA Group was held in the headquarters building of ERA CO.LTD. Mr. Lu Zhenyu ann

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EPC2023丨Embracing the world and pioneering the tomorrow the projects

2023/11.15—11.17The 3rd Beijing International Engineering Procurement Conference and Exhibition (EPC) in 2023 Stay the initial mind, exploring new situations in the industry.You are invited to learn from each other in Beijing. a) Multiple layout, focusing on municipal affairs After a lapse of

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the 17th China Brand Festival 2023.jpg
Coronation of Honor 丨ERA for the First Time in China's Top 500 Brands

On November 18, the 17th China Brand Festival 2023, with the theme of "Recovery and Take-off", opened in Hangzhou Yunqi Town International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 6,000 guests from all walks of life such as government, business, industry, education and media gathered together to

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era fair.JPG
ERA Participate in 7th Pak Water & Energy Expo

From October 25 to 27, 2023, the 7th Pak Water & Energy Expo was held in Lahore, Pakistan. Professionals in the water treatment and energy field get together to explore industry trends and applications of new technologies from all over the world. AK ENTERPRISE, as an authorized distributor, particip

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The YCC Third Annual Singing Event, successfully organized by the ERA Group November 7, 2023

On the evening of November 7, 2023, accompanied by cheers and laughter, a lively and extraordinary YCC Third Annual Singing Event was successfully held in the multifunctional hall on the third floor of the ERA Group's Shuangpu factory. The YCC family of the ERA meticulously prepared a series of outs

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The Foreign Trade Department's Performance of "Your Bones" and "Looking Up at the Stars"

The Foreign Trade Department's Performance of "Your Bones" and "Looking Up at the Stars"Members of the Foreign Trade Department entertained the audience with performances of "Your Bones" and "Looking Up at the Stars". The stage alternated between drama scenes and songs, vividly depicting the emotion

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ERA shines on the first day of the 134th Canton Fair

On the opening day of the 134th Canton Fair, ERA left a deep impression on people. Guests from all over the world flocked to our booth in Hall 12.2, attracted by the products on display, and engaged in discussions and negotiations. It is worth mentioning that our CPVC pipe and fittings, PPR pipe and

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ERA pipe fitting at thai water.jpg
THAIWATER 2023: ERA Group's Outstanding Performance and Market Outlook

From August 30th to September 1st, 2023, the high-profile THAIWATER 2023 exhibition took place in Bangkok, Thailand. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic, our ERA sales team participated in the exhibition once again in 2023, showcasing many new products that drew the attention of cus

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Asian Games Village_副本.jpg
ERA pipe system supports the construction of venues for the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.

Witness the thrilling competitions and feel the passion2023, the gorgeous autumn encounters the 19th Asian Games in HangzhouExpect something remarkable to happen

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ERA Pipes Joins Excon 2023 CAPECO Exhibition

As the construction and decoration industries continue to evolve, ERA Pipes is honored to announce our participation in the upcoming EXCON 2023 CAPECO exhibition. This highly anticipated event will take place from October 18th to October 21st, 2023, at Exposiciones Jockey in Lima, Peru. You can find

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ERA Group Once Again Ranks in the "China's Top 500 Private Enterprises"!

On September 12, 2023, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC), also known as the "National Federation of Industry and Commerce," released the "2023 China's Top 500 Private Enterprises" list. China ERA Group (hereafter called ERA) (链接到我们公司的官网www.era.com.cn) has once again been hono

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Teslas Gigafactory in Shanghai.jpg
ERA Pipe: Contributing to Tesla's Gigafactory in Shanghai

In the glorious skyline of the modern metropolis of Shanghai, a revolutionary project is rising. It will change the way we think about car manufacturing: the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory. The Tesla Shanghai Gigafatory, the largest foreign-funded manufacturing project in Shanghai to date and Tesla's fi

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Urban renovation : The role of ERA shares in urban renovation.

The development of a city entails more than just constructing skyscrapers and new cityscapes, it also requires a focus on the "organic rejuvenation" of older areas. Urban renovation is a significant civic project that directly impacts residents' sense of security, happiness, and well-being. It encom

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Lianyungang Tianwan Nuclear Power Station 2_252_189.jpg
Lianyungang Tianwan Nuclear Power Station

Lianyungang,Jiangsu Province With the strengthening trends of economic globalization, knowledge-based industries, and conglomeratization, economies of scale and intensive efficiency have emerged as new sources of profit for industrial growth. Various types of large-scale specialized economic zones a

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Meet Difficulties And Strive For Perfection

[Continuous innovation never ends] On September 8th, the gas injection molding workshop held a training sharing meeting on August proposal improvement. The workshop director organized workshop debuggers and machine repairers to conduct proposal improvement training. The training focused on "why to i

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ERA Talks With You About Taizhou Manufacturing, Creating A New Era Of Taizhou Industry

In order to further polish the "Golden Name Card of Taizhou Manufacturing" and enhance the popularity, influence and utilization rate of Taizhou manufacturing, Taizhou Economic and Information Technology Bureau and Taizhou Radio, Film and Television Group jointly launched the 2021 "Dialogue, Made in

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ERA ’Communist Party Member Activity Day

"Staying True to the Party's Original Aspiration for a Century, Promoting New Development for ERA"

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ERA Awarded China Classification Society Certification.jpeg
ERA Awarded China Classification Society Certification

On February 12th, ERA Polyethylene (PE) pipe and fittings, Polypropylene (PP-R) pipe and fittings, Polyethylene (PE) steel wire mesh reinforced composite pipe, and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U) pipe and fittings for marine plastic pipelines passed the certification audit of China Classification Society

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Chilean Delegation Visits ERA to Explore New Opportunities in the South American Market

On August 1st, a visiting delegation from Chile arrived at ERA Company for a friendly discussion. Led by Ms. CAROLINA QUINTEROS MUÑOZ, Director of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Tarapacá Region, the delegation engaged in productive exchanges and talks at ERA's Shangnian Plant. Within the c

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Super ERA Plumbers ---- Plumbing Skills Competition

Super ERA Craftsman | Perfect Conclusion of the China's Top Water and Electricity Master Skills Invitation Competition (Huai'an Station)On July 30th, the Super ERA Craftsman China's Top Water and Electricity Master Skills Invitation Competition (Huai'an Station) was successfully held at the Bode Har

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"ERA" plastic pipe export volume has ranked first in China's plastic pipe industry for many continuous years, while the production and sales volume ranked second in the industry.

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