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How to Install PPR Pipe fittings?

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How to Install PPR Pipe fittings?ppr pipe fiting

In civil buildings area, PPR pipeline is widely used in cold&hot water pipeline system, drinking water production system and agricultural pipeline system.It has advantages like high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, light in weight, convenience in connection, healthy in drinking water pipeline and etc., which also make PPR pipeline more and more popular in the world, and the market prospects are very broad.

                                                                     Now lets learn how to install PPR pipe fitting.

Test form

1. General information

1.1 Choose pipe size by working pressure, working temperature and service life. Relationship between the above three item please check sheet(1.4 & 1.5).

1.2 General speaking, pipes used for hot water should be not less than PN20, whereas pipes used for cold water should be higher than PN12.5.

2.  Pipe system design

2.1  Pressure losses at the ERA pipesThe choice of pipe size for water suppliers is depended on:

- The available water pressure

- Geodelic difference in height

- Pressure losses from apparatus ( e.g. water meter)

- Minimum flow pressure at the draw-off points

- Pressure losses in the pipes

                                                                                                   - Pressure losses in the fittings

                                                                                                   - Type, number and simultaneous use of draw-off points

                                                                                                   - Flow velocity

ppr pipe fiting

Installing the pipes in the shaft

3. Pipe installation

3.1 Installing the pipes in the shaft

In practice the main risers can expand and contract laterally in the shaft between two floors if an anchor point is located next to the pipe that branches off from the main pipe. The distance between two anchor points in the shaft should not exceed 3.0m. other methods can be used to accommodate the expansion such as an “ expansion arm” in the pipe branching off from the riser.

Accomodating expansion by expansion loops

3.2 Accomodating expansion by expansion loops

All changes in direction of pipework can be used to accommodate linear expansion. The following schemes demonstrate some important cases

4. Welding Techniques

4.1 Be sure that the welding machine is warmed up to 260℃, the thermostat bulb is off and welding tools are clean.

4.2 Cut the pipe with the pipe scissor perpendicular to its axis.

4.3 Push the pipe and the fitting toward the Special Welding Tool. This Special Welding Tool is designed particularly for preventing the possible errors of the operator

4.4 Connect ERA pipe merely with their fittings. Our company guarantees only thesystems installed using its pipes connected with ERA fittings according to the predetermined guidelines.

4.5 After seeing that a sound and then material coming through the small hole at the end of the Special Welding Tool developed by ERA, remove the pipe and the fitting from the welding tool.

4.6 Combine the pipe and the fitting that you have pulled out of the welding tool without losing time. Do not twist the pipe and the fitting during welding.

4.7 Please strictly follow the questions mentioned in the catalogues and brochures of ERA group.

ppr welding techniques

ppr pipe fitting test standard

ppr pipe fitting test standard

Guidelines for welding ERA PPR pipes and fittings


· Time for heating should be lengthened by 50% if the temperature is below 5℃in the operating surroundings.

· Before welding the stable pipe. Its alu-cover has to be peeled according to the depth of welding are.

Important: Before operation, be sure that your welding machine is in good working condition.

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