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Lianyungang Tianwan Nuclear Power Station

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Lianyungang,Jiangsu Province

With the strengthening of economic globalization, knowledge-based and collectivized trends, scale and agglomeration effects have become new profit sources for industrial growth, and various large-scale professional economic parks and industrial cooperation parks have emerged.

In today's increasingly competitive regional landscape, industrial parks have become the primary carriers of local industrial clusters and a crucial means of enhancing regional competitiveness. Pipeline construction plays an indispensable role in the development of enterprises within these parks. It may not always be visible, but everything within these industrial parks is closely related to it.

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The Tianwan Nuclear Power Station in Lianyungang plans to have 8 one-million-kilowatt nuclear reactor units, with left space for an additional four: the first phase of the project constructed 2 Russian AES-91 pressurized water reactor units whose unity capacity reach 1.06 million-kilowatt.

The reactor units have service life of 40 years. They maintain an annual average capacity factor of no less than 80%, generating 14 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

The Tianwan Nuclear Power Station represents significant high-tech collaboration between China and Russia in the field of nuclear energy, driven by the mutual desire to deepen political trust, expand economic trade, and strengthen the strategic partnership between the two nations. It is the largest technical and economic cooperation project between the two countries to date. It also is one of the key nuclear power construction projects under China's "Ninth Five-Year Plan."

ERA's municipal pipeline products, such as HDPE pressure pipes and fittings, steel-wire-reinforced polyethylene composite pipes, and HDPE double-wall corrugated pipes, have been utilized in the construction of the second phase of the nuclear power station. With the commencement of operations for the second phase of the nuclear power station, it is conducive to deepening political trust between China and Russia, promoting economic trade, and enhancing strategic cooperation.

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The smooth implementation of this project plays a crucial role in promoting development of local economy and ensuring the safe and efficient development of China's nuclear power industry. In addition, it is important for the cooperation in the field of nuclear energy between China and Russia to consolidate and deepen.

Lianyungang Tianwan Nuclear Power Station

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