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Plan ahead and strictly observe quality

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Zhang Jianjun: Let the enterprise become a “creator of a happy life".


He started from a little-known family workshop, worked tirelessly and became more and more enterprising. After nearly 40 years of ups and downs, he developed the plastic factory into one of the largest production bases for chemical building materials and solar modules in China.

He is based on integrity, reliable and low-key, win-win with distributors, grow together with employees, share destiny with shareholders, and make progress with society.

He has a vision to make the company a “creator of a happy life”. The essence of this happy life is common prosperity.

He is Zhang Jianjun, a representative of the Huangyan District People's Congress and chairman of the Board of Directors of ERA Group.After decades of chasing the wind and the moon, Zhang Jianjun has led the company to become bigger and stronger, demonstrating the responsibility and actions of the company on the road to common prosperity.

Common prosperity is the same as the development of employees.

The national plastic pipeline valve standardization director unit, the top 500 private enterprises in China, the top 100 in China's light industry, and the top 10 enterprises in China's plastics industry have been ranked among the top ten enterprises in Huangyan District for 20 consecutive years... The honor of ERA Group is much more than that.

Behind the steady and far-reaching development of the enterprise is a team of workers led by Zhang Jianjun who are focused and entrepreneurial.Their centripetal force, the “win-win” pursued by the enterprise, and the co-creation and sharing of happiness with employees, distributors, suppliers, partners and society.

"Adults reach themselves and become masters of themselves", Zhang Jianjun has always thought so.With employees, he has cultural innovation practices such as "Colorful Sunshine" cultural system, "ERA Pipeline Philosophy" and "YCC Sunshine Cultural Circle", and constantly rejuvenates the vitality of employees' independent management, so that they can feel the happiness and warmth of home in the enterprise, and develop with the enterprise.

With distributors and other related parties, he has the “Three Common Happiness Method”, which delivers culture to distributors through philosophical sharing, cultural integration, and happy resonance, and realizes the transformation from a “community of interests” to a “community of destiny” to a “community of mission”, and realizes common and continuous development.

Promote "talent" with "growth”, promote “win-win” with “cooperation”, and promote “common prosperity” with "sharing".The ERA led by Zhang Jianjun is constantly writing the psalm “One flower alone is not spring, but a hundred flowers bloom in spring and the garden is full".

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"ERA" plastic pipe export volume has ranked first in China's plastic pipe industry for many continuous years, while the production and sales volume ranked second in the industry.

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