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Where should the toilet drain be installed?

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● Stay away from the bathroom door  

Where should the toilet drain be installed?

This is easy to understand, the toilet bears an enormous responsibility in drainage,

anti-odor and anti-insect ,if it is installed at the entrance to the toilet, in case the above three parts go wrong, the rest of your home will suffer.

●The surrounding area is relatively open and easy to clean

Some people always feel that the floor drain is not good-looking, and they want to "hide" it during decoration, such as in the narrow corner behind the toilet, or hide the 

floor drain in the gap between two bathroom products, in the end, when it was time to 

clean the floor drain who was dumbfounded.

● Don't put it in the middle of the bathroom

For convenience, some decoration worker put the floor drain in the middle of the bathroom, It is not beautiful, but also causes drainage problems.

● Do not leave it on the edge of the shower door

Because the position of the floor drain is the lowest place in the toilet, the water is 

not easy to dry, and the glass glue at the edge is prone to mold after a long time.


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