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ERA Craftsman|Taizhou's First Technician Master-Chen Xiaobing

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Recently, Chen Xiaobing, the young technical talent in ERA, was recommended and selected and by the enterprise, qualified for examination, reviewed by expert,  publicized and so on. Finally, he became the first special grade technician in Taizhou by the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security.

Proof of Qualification for Special Technician

When he was 17 years old, he started working. One year later, he got the technician certificate. The next year, he became " Chief Technician in Taizhou". In 20 , he was hired by his school as a teacher. At the age of 25, he owned many honors like "Chief Technician in Zhejiang Province", "National Young Post Masters", "The best citizen, craftsman young leader in Zhejiang" and so on.

Chen Xiaobing fulfilled his mission with responsibility. In the "journey of craftsmen", he focused on the cultivation of pincer skills in the front line of ERA without distractions for 12 years. In 2014, Chen Xiaobing led the team to take on the task of the transformation of the mechanical conveyor chain in the workshop. In order to overcome the design difficulties, he shuttled in the 6000 square meters of plant every day, and finally proposed an innovative design of the conveyor chain, which reduced more than 2 million yuan in costs for the company.

In addition to ploughing into the front line and overcoming difficulties in traditional technology, Chen Xiaobing also actively explores automation technology and helps ERA to build an automation demonstration workshop, which realizes a great improvement in production efficiency by streamlining the workshop staff and promoting the installation of automation equipment. Furthermore, as a provincial "skill master studio" leader, he also regularly organizes the members to learn technology and theoretical knowledge, and actively "pass on" to "radiation wave" mode. Cultivated a batch of excellent technicians.

It is understood that the "new eight" system is the upgrade of the current vocational skill level system for skilled personnel, in the technician "five-level system" on the basis of the lower set of apprenticeships, on the addition of special-level technicians and chief technicians. Personnel employed in the position of special-level technician will enjoy the same treatment as personnel with a full senior title.

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