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Fight against COVID-19 to the End

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ERA rushed to rescue the construction of hospitals in Wuhan and Xi’an

speacial cases--fight against covid-19 to the end

The Spring Festival in 2020 was different from the past. The sudden COVID-19 had disrupted the peaceful and peaceful Lunar New Year, making millions of people worried all the time. In this battle against the epidemic, the cry of "fighting" and "we must win" was accompanied by personnel and materials from all over the country to aid the front line of the epidemic. ERA Group attached great importance to and timely launched support actions. ERA actively joined the ranks of rescuing, and was duty-free and obligatory to provide the required municipal and construction pipeline products for the construction of Wuhan Huoshenshan, Leishenshan and Xi 'an Public Health Center.

In the face of the epidemic, speed is life. As hospitals specializing in the centralized treatment of COVID-19 patients, Wuhan Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals would play an extremely important role in the fight against the epidemic. Since the construction of the two hospitals began, ERA had always paid attention to the progress of the project, understood the construction needs, actively responded, stood by, and fully assisted to help the early completion of the hospital. After emergency deployment and shipment, on the morning of January 27, the first batch of donated PE double-wall corrugated pipes were transported to the construction site of Leishenshan Hospital. During the transportation, we received the message that the construction party of Huoshenshan Hospital urgently needed pipeline products for construction. Through multi-party communication, we first transported the batch of donated pipelines to Huoshenshan Hospital to ensure the project progress and not miss the delivery time.

In the early morning of January 31, although the outdoor temperature in Wuhan was -2℃, the cold wind could not stop the pace of ERA. From the construction side of Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital to understand the demand for project construction pipeline products, ERA GROUP the first time to gather strength again, coordinated communication and arranged distributes. At 3 am on January 31, all the donated products needed were ready and put into the construction of the hospital.

On February 3, the "Xiaotangshan" - Xi 'an Public Health Center project began. Learning of the news of the commencement of the project, the Northwest (Xi 'an) Warehousing and Logistics Center of ERA.

responded positively and actively supported the construction of the project to contribute to winning the epidemic prevention war. According to the construction needs and schedule, the required HDPE double-wall corrugated pipes were successfully delivered to the construction site in the afternoon of the same day to ensure that the project was completed on schedule.

It is understood that in the face of the Spring Festival and the special period of the epidemic, personnel and vehicles were a major problem in the transportation of materials. Facing the difficulties, ERA and the project builder fully assisted the local dealers to contact the fleet, and temporarily recalled some of the staff. One worker held several posts simultaneously to rescue.

The pipeline system is the invisible "blood system" of the whole hospital building, involving multiple functions such as water supply and drainage, power communication, ventilation and air conditioning, and sewage treatment, It is the basic guarantee for the normal operation of the hospital. At present, the pipeline system built by ERA is playing a role in the various epidemic prevention hospitals that have been built and operated.

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