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Civilian product——CPVC

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1. What is cpvc for civil use?

Cpvc pipe, cpvc pipes

CPVC is a high-temperature plastic pressure piping system introduced for potable plumbing in 1959. It has also been used extensively in fire sprinkler systems since 1985. This material is also used for many industrial and process piping applications.

2. Can I use CPVC for main water line?

CPVC is a specially engineered thermoplastic and its molecular structure makes it different from conventional plastics. Its internal structure makes it an ideal choice for hot and cold water plumbing.

3. Should I use PVC or CPVC for main water line?cpvc, cpvc fitting

PVC is best for cold-water applications and pressure and non-pressure systems while CPVC is better for hot-water applications, water supply and fire sprinklers.

4. When should I use CPVC?

CPVC is recommended for applications where the maximum temperature will exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but stay under CPVC's max rating of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Another deciding factor in which material to use is the chemical makeup of media being handled in your application.

5. What are the disadvantages of CPVC pipes?

CPVC can't withstand extremely high temperatures like copper pipe can. CPVC is not suitable for climates with extreme temperature variations due to its high thermal expansion coefficient. CPVC is more expensive than many other piping options.

cpvc fitting

6. How long does CPVC last in a home?cpvc pipe fitting

PVC and CPVC are the most common choice for drain lines in newer builds and “will likely outlast any homeowner” thanks to a lifespan of approximately 50 years. Furthermore, PVC and CPVC pipes better withstand water hammer, so no “knocking” pipes during the winter.

7. Is CPVC good for house plumbing?

CPVC works very well as a potable water distribution pipe, making it an ideal choice for residential plumbing applications. While there aren't many codes that require CPVC, its long-lasting and durable characteristics make it an excellent choice in residential settings.

cpvc fitting, cpvc valve

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