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Common problems of industrial products

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1. What is the Advantage of Plastic Industrial Piping SystemPvc pipe

Compare to Metal System?

There are many advantages of PVC/CPVC piping system compare to metal system.

1. The cost for plastic piping system is much lower than metal.

2. The PVC/CPVC piping is much lighter than metal piping system, which make the plastic piping system easier to transport.

3. The PVC/CPVC piping system normally use glue to connect, it is 

also much easier connection type than metal.  Easier connection can 

save time and labor during installation process.

4. Plastic piping systems are less likely to corrode than the metal 

pipes, which can make the drinking system healthier.

5. Plastic pipe has better heat insulation than metal pipe, which 

means plastic piping system can better insulate against heat loss.

6. PVC/CPVC pips have strong resistance to acid, bases, and salts 

and other chemical materials.

2. What is the Difference between PVC SCH80 and CPVCcpvc pipe, cpvc fitting


Even through both PVC SCH80 and CPVC SCH80 pipe system are both suitable for industrial and higher pressure water flow applications, there are some difference between PVC and CPVC SCH80 due to 

different material as following:

1. The main difference is the heat resistance rate for both material, 

the max temperature for PVC SCH80 pipe and fittings is 140° Fahrenheit and CPVC SCH80 pipe and fittings can work up to 200° Fahrenheit. Exceed the max temperature, the material will begin to soften and piping system will have risk to fail.

2. Both PVC and CPVC SCH80 system have strong chemical resistance, but the extra chlorine in CPVC increases the resistance ability for most acids, bases, salts, aliphatic solutions, oxidants, and halogens. Therefore CPVC SCH80 is more used in chemical processing, plating, high purity applications, wastewater treatment plants, and other industrial corrosive media applications than PVC SCH80.

3. The cement needed for PVC and CPVC SCH80 system are not same, so both material need specifically designed cement as PVC cement and CPVC cement.

4. The color for PVC and CPVC SCH80 are different, the color for PVC SCH80 usually comes in dark gray, and CPVC SCH80 usually comes in light gray.

3. What Industrial Piping Systems does ERA Have?industrial pipe

ERA produces PVC and CPVC valves for industrial piping systems 

such as the compact ball valve, true union/single union ball valve, check valve, union, flange, butterfly valve and ext. From 1/2” to 12” in size, available in PVC and CPVC. The valves meets ASTM F1970 standard, works with SCH40 and SCH80 pipe system. Most of the valves have 

NSF certification.

ERA also have PVC SCH80 and CPVC SCH80 pipe and fittings from size 1/2” to 12”. The PVC/CPVC products has very high cost performance. ERA also have DWV ASTM D2665 drainage fittings. The PVC SCH80 and DWV fittings from ERA has the NSF certification as well.

industrial fitting

4. What are the Standards of ERA's Industrial Piping 


ERA has many different type of industrial piping systems, each of them has its own standard as following.

PVC Valves: ASTM F1970 and ISO1452-4

PVC SCH80 fittings: ASTM D2647

PVC SCH80 pipes: ASTM D1785

PVC DWV fittings: ASTM D2665

CPVC Valves: ASTM F1970

CPVC SCH80 pipes: ASTM F441

CPVC SCH80 fittings: ASTM F439

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