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ERA produced pvc valves 100% Virgin PVC material, produced according to Internatioan standard: F1970
Applications:Drinking water, Industry, Building,Etc.
Color Available:white,grey,black grey, Blue, Etc.
Certificates:NSF, UPC
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pvc compact ball valve

1. General Introduction:

Plastic valve is widely used incivil buildings, agricultural irrigation system, swimming pool, water treatment equipment and etc., .It has advantages like high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, light in weight, convenience in connection, healthy in drinking water pipeline and etc., PVC valve is widely used in civil irrigation system all over the world, compare to traditional metal valve, it has lighter weight, longer service time and more convenience in connection.

2. ERA Advantages:

2.1 For PVC valve, totally we have 300 injection machines for ball valve and accessory, equippedwith 20 automatic valve injection system, 8 automatic valve assemble equipment, and 2 automatic pressure test line.

2.2 The annual order volume of PVC valves is 15 million in 2019, and is expected to reach 30 million in 2020. ERA is currently the largest supplier of PVC valves to the USA, and we supply to large supermarkets such as HOMEDEPOT/LOWES/MINAS.

3. Raw material advantages:

3.1 Raw material advantages of PVC:

3.1.1 We select the high-quality raw material supplied by Sinopec after we evaluate the all the raw materialperformance before selecting;

3.1.2 All the raw materials shall be inspected in accordance with relevant standards, and the unqualified raw materials will be rejected ;

3.1.3 In addition to physical property testing, all the raw materials shall be assessed the long-term safety such as weather resistance, so as to ensure environmental protection, safety and reliability of our products.

3.1.4 Our own PVC formula has obtained NSF certification, and solved the raw material production and supply chain problems from the source.

3.1.5 PTFE gaskets for single and true union ball valves have excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, sealing performance, high lubricity, electrical insulation and anti-aging resistance, which guarantees our 50-year warranty on ball valves.

3.2 Advantage of rubber ring:

3.2.1 ERA has its own rubber ring factory and specially supply to ERA fittings, equipped with automatic rubber refining production line, injection rubber vulcanization machine, frozen trimming machine (liquid nitrogen freezing) and other domestic high quality rubber production lines. It has various product series, totally have more than 1300 different products including EPDM,NR,NBR, and the maximum size could reach 1.8m. Some of our rubber ring already got NSF certification, this help to multiply our ERA series and improve our ball valve quality.

3.2.2 ERA has NBR, EPDM and V-ton rubber, all these have obtained NSF certification, comparing with purchased rubber, our cost is much lower and could control the delivery time..

4. Technological advantages:

4.1 After many-years accumulation of production, research and development experience, Yonggao has achieved the best production process standards, the technology department will confirm the standard technology through trial production, after the first piece is inspected to be qualified by quality control department, the workshop production process standards will be locked, any adjustment to this standard need to be authorized, workers have no right to adjust the process and time, and this helps to ensure the stability of production.

4.2 The injection, installation, pressure test and other process of the valve production has a high degree of automation. Mechanized production and installation require higher size and matching accuracy, which greatly improves the product's one-time pass rate and product feel.

5. Quality control advantages:

ERA's quality control process mainly includes the first piece inspection, process inspection, packaging inspection and finished product inspection.

5.1 The first piece shall be inspected by producer, mechanic and quality inspection specialist. After it’s confirmed to qualified, then we could start the mass production.

5.2 Process inspection shall be randomly conducted by process inspectors every four hours to supervise the quality of bulk order.

5.3 Packaging inspection shall be randomly conducted by process inspectors to supervise the quality of goods and packaging during the packaging process.

5.4 Finished product inspection includes: A. Product performance inspection, in strict accordance with ASTMF1970,ISO1452-4 standard, including appearance, dimensions (inside diameter, wall thickness, socket depth, diameter), Vicat, maximum burst pressure, hydrostatic test, seal performance test, torsion test, fatigue test. For bulk orders, all the PVC ball valves, we will do the sealing test, torsion test, and every batch of the product has to pass100,000 times open-close test, in the meantime, we will do 100% seal performance test; and our torsion test is in strict accordance with relevant standard, this helps to improve our valve quality.

6. Packaging advantages:

6.1 We have reasonable and careful packaging, and effectively protect the products.

6.2 We could package according to customer requirements, and the trays are very neat.

6.3 We are equipped with effective automatic packaging machine to deal with bulk orders and prevent the delivery delay caused by labor shortage.

6.4 For example: All the order for American Super-mall Home Depot, we have developed a strict SOP for Product label→Inner Label→Outside label→Customized tray.

7. Certification advantages:

7.1 Relying on our state-level R&D center and strong research team, ERA has invested $1.5 million to get 13 international certification, including the American NSF and UPC certification, Germany DVGW and TUV certification, British WRAS and KITEMARK, Australian WATERMARK and BET certification, France ACS certification, Russian GOST, SR - CU certification and EAC certification, covering total 28 different category of product series.

7.2 With these certifications, ERA products have successfully entered many foreign markets and obtained the access to local municipal projects.At the same time, with the advantages of these certifications, our customers could occupy a favorable position in the market, and get better bargaining rights and quality guarantee, so as to achieve long-term development.

7.3 Our NSF product totally obtained 3 international certification: NSF, UPC and WATERMARK certification.

7.4 NSF and WATERMARK certifications are the key to enter America and Australia market. The following lists the tests for obtaining these certifications.

8. Technical advantages:

ERA research institute has CNAS accredited lab and IAPMO accredited lab. It was honored as the State-level enterprise research center. Totally it covers over 6,000m².It is equipped with over 300 sets of test equipment and over 250 researchers. The total investment of this research institute is about 20 million USD. ERA research institute strongly support new products development, raw material choosing and inspection, products quality improvement, international certificate approval., etc.  

9. Service advantage:

9.1 VIP service.Working with ERA isn't just about fighting alone, it's about close cooperation between two teams.There are not only one-to-one consideration and timely service from the customer manager, whole-process guidance and overall control from the regional manager, but also the all-round communication and sharing of the sales and market planning from the sales director, as well as full support from the technical and production team.All the cooperation is of all the departments of the two companies, which leads both of us to the glory together.

9.2 50-year warranty. ERA provides a 50-year warranty for all products.In order to realize this commitment, ERA hasstrictly controlled the quality of products from the very beginning, including that the mould development is in strict accordance with international standards, raw material control, production processinspection, finished product inspection, certification and re-inspection, and other aspects to ensure product quality.At the same time, PICC will provide quality insurance for 50 years, and the insurance company will be responsible for settling claims caused by quality problems, so as to reduce the subjective influence of the interested parties.Therefore, if the quality problem of ERA product really occurs and causes loss of life and property, PICC will be responsible for compensation, so that our distributors no need to worry after sales and end customers no need to worry while using.The 50-year quality assurance service could help more distributors have confidence in the quality of our products, and let more end customers be stick to ERA Brand.

9.3 Credit sales support. ERA provides credit sales support to customers in more than 100 countries through the credit insurance service of Sinosure company, we provide financial support to customers with capital needs, and supports all aspiring distributors to make their business bigger and stronger, so as to realize their life dreams together.

9.4 New product development. ERA annually invests 1.5 million dollars to develop new products, so as to follow the market trends, and develop the best-selling new products in various markets all over the world to help our customers expand their product lines and seize the market opportunities.

9.5 Advertising support. ERA fully supports the customers’ advertising work, and works with our product agent, regional agent and exclusive agent to promoteand display the image of ERA brand in local market  together through more media and ways.We can customize the advertising program according to the market situation, and provide advertising materials such as lintel, light box, car advertisement, radio, newspaper, display board, etc. and build ERA brand together with our customers.

Raw Material:

1.1 ERA use virgin material to produce PVC VALVES to ensure every piece is of good quality, and the raw materials are provided by domestic and foreign large petrochemical enterprises such as Sinopec.

1.2 ERA has its own raw material formula and strictly controls the calcium carbonate in the most reasonable proportion. As we all known, higher calcium carbonate will increase the products' weight and decrease the performance of the material.

1.3 Professional factory exclusively supplies ERA brand sealing accessories.

Valve Certificate:

NSF is an authority in the field of public health and safety, specializing in setiting standards, product testing and certification services in the field of public health, safety and environmental protection. As a neutral third party, NSF certification of American and international standards has been approved and certified by 13 national or industry authority organizations, including the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Canadian National Standards Council.

U.P. Code stands for "Uniform Plumbing Code" and is part of the additional certification that is done in conjunction with the NSF14 Performance assessment.

UPC and cUPC certification is the passport to enter the United States and Canada. The U.P. Code mark indicates that your product has been evaluated in accordance with applicable standards and requirements in the Plumbing Code. There are two forms of certification marks that have passed this certification in the market, as shown in the figure below. Figure 2 is used by our company for pipe fittings.
                  U.P. Code   

 Number of audits :2times/year。  


Plastic valve advantages and its application advantages:

Plastic valves offer a myriad of advantages across various industries, making them a preferred choice in many applications. One significant benefit is their corrosion resistance. Unlike metal valves, plastic valves are impervious to rust and corrosion, ensuring long-term durability and reliability in harsh environments. This resistance extends their lifespan, reducing maintenance costs and increasing operational efficiency.


Another notable advantage is the lightweight nature of plastic valves. This characteristic makes them easy to handle and install, contributing to streamlined processes in construction and industrial settings. Additionally, the lightweight property translates to lower shipping costs, promoting cost-effectiveness throughout the supply chain.


Plastic valves are also known for their chemical resistance, making them suitable for applications where exposure to corrosive substances is common. This resistance ensures that the valves maintain their structural integrity, preventing leaks and ensuring the safety of the overall system. Moreover, plastic valves are often more affordable than their metal counterparts, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising performance.


Environmental considerations play a crucial role in today's industries, and plastic valves contribute positively in this regard. They are often recyclable and can be manufactured using eco-friendly materials, aligning with sustainable practices.


In summary, the advantages of plastic valves, including corrosion resistance, lightweight design, chemical resistance, affordability, and environmental sustainability, make them a versatile and practical choice for various applications in diverse industries.

Plastic valve is widely used incivil buildings, agricultural irrigation system, swimming pool, water treatment equipment and etc., .It has advantages like high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, light in weight, convenience in connection, healthy in drinking water pipeline and etc., PVC valve is widely used in civil irrigation system all over the world, compare to traditional metal valve, it has lighter weight, longer service time and more convenience in connection

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"ERA" plastic pipe export volume has ranked first in China's plastic pipe industry for many continuous years, while the production and sales volume ranked second in the industry.

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