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ERA ’Communist Party Member Activity Day

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"Staying True to the Party's Original Aspiration for a Century, Promoting New Development for ERA"

-- ERA ’Communist Party Member Activity Day

In order to inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of our Party, and to enhance the political consciousness of all Party members, on August 23, 2023, the Foreign Trade Branch of ERA Corporation organized a Party Day activity. The members visited the former site of the Communist Party Huangyan County Committee during the War of Resistance Against Japan, located in Shanqian Village, Nancheng Street, Huangyan District. Under the Party flag, they revisited the Party's oath, solemnly pledged to stay true to the Party's original aspiration, and remain committed to their mission.

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As soon as they entered Shanqian Village, the Party members were captivated by the scenery before them - spacious and bright countryside villas, various cultural and sports facilities, a panoramic digital platform... These scenes, resembling scenes from a futuristic movie, narrated the tremendous changes that Shanqian Village has undergone over the past 20 years.

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"When there's a road to the mountain, the Party branch leads the way." The members of Shanqian Village branch, under the leadership of Secretary Zhang Shengrong, have relied on their strong cohesion and combat effectiveness to overcome one challenge after another, transforming the once impoverished village into a modern and developed new rural area today.

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As a local luminary in Nancheng Shanqian, Zhang Shengrong has always kept in mind the responsibility on his shoulders. He actively participates in rural governance and, together with the village's "two committees," has paved a path towards the revitalization of the village through cooperation and harmony.

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Guided by the interpreter from Shanqian Village, the party members visited the "Former Site of the Communist Party Committee of Huangyan County during the Anti-Japanese War," paying their respects to the revolutionary predecessors.

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As the enthusiastic guide comrade explained to us the battle journey of the underground Communist Party members in Huangyan during the War of Resistance, the party members were deeply moved and realized that today's prosperous life is inseparable from the bloodshed and struggles of the revolutionary predecessors. The red revolutionary spirit must be passed down from generation to generation.

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The artifacts displayed in the Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall, the historical photographs, and the explanatory texts bear witness to the arduous years of resistance and the unwavering determination of our Party to fight to the end. The party members revisited the glorious history of our Party's struggles and growth, as they gazed at the precious historical images and listened to the awe-inspiring war stories in the memorial hall. They were deeply moved by the heroic deeds of the martyrs.

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Never forget our original intention, always keep our mission in mind. Through this revolutionary traditional education, all party members once again learned about the great revolutionary spirit of our Party. Their souls were cleansed, their beliefs were tempered, and they will be even more dedicated to the Party's purpose and steadfast in their communist beliefs.

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