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"Striving Countless Times, Thanks to Everyone"

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Introduction: The grain rain marks the end of spring with ink splashes, creating the backdrop for the summer. As we bid farewell to the spring breeze, the vibrant “May Day”(Labour Day) blossoms with the boundless grandeur of early summer. In many familiar or unfamiliar corners, countless hardworking laborers shimmer. They take responsibilities and adorn life with their sweat. Their names are diverse, and their jobs are distinctive. Delicious cuisine originates from the canteen staff; deliveries spanning across regions come from the drivers; streets and factory areas are beautified by the cleaning staff... It is these individuals, each toiling diligently, who embellish life with happiness and beauty.

On this romantic holiday dedicated to laborers, we express gratitude for the “5” perseverance and initial aspiration; appreciation for the '5' times of guardianship and the dedicated service; and we thank the '5' ERA family, converging into the '1' happy and fulfilled ERA family.

(In Chinese, the pronunciation of “countless”“five” “May” is the same. And that goes with May Day. )


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