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ERA Pipe: Contributing to Tesla's Gigafactory in Shanghai

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In the glorious skyline of the modern metropolis of Shanghai, a revolutionary project is rising. It will change the way we think about car manufacturing: the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory.

Teslas Gigafactory in Shanghai

The Tesla Shanghai Gigafatory, the largest foreign-funded manufacturing project in Shanghai to date and Tesla's first Gigafactory outside of the United States began constructing in January 2019.

As one of the participants in this global iconic project, ERA has contributed to its successful construction and operation.  

The scale and impact of this project is staggering. Various advanced pipeline systems plays a key role in the construction process, and the PE series of ERA pipeline become an integral part of the project.

Firstly, HDPE pressure pipes, known for their high-performance characteristics, have provided reliable support to the water supply system of the Tesla Gigafactory. Their excellent corrosion resistance and high strength ensure a sustainable water supply to meet the factory's production needs.

Secondly, PE steel strip pipe, which has excellent structural strength and pressure resistance, are very suitable for transporting various fluids. In the Tesla Gigafactory, PE steel strip pipes play a key role in various processes, ensuring the stable operation of the production line.

Additionally, HDPE drainage pipes and HDPE double-wall corrugated pipes are responsible for managing wastewater discharge within the factory. These pipes not only have excellent chemical resistance, but also effectively resist high temperatures and pressures, ensuring efficient operation of the wastewater treatment system.

Lastly, PE steel wire frame pipes, known for their exceptionally high structural strength, are ideal for projects in special environments. Within the Tesla Gigafactory, these pipes have played crucial roles in complex engineering tasks, providing a solid foundation for the factory's sustainable development.

The construction of Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory has not only brought a large number of job opportunities to Shanghai, but also accelerated the development of China's new energy vehicle industry. As a partner in this project, ERA Pipeline has contributed to the successful construction and environmentally friendly operation of the project. We will continue to uphold the concept of high quality and efficiency, provide excellent pipeline products and solutions for more similar projects, and contribute to the development of China's manufacturing industry.

The rise of the Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is reshaping the landscape of automobile manufacturing and demonstrates China's ambition and strength in the field of new energy. ERA pipeline will continue to support this exciting development, contribute to future innovation and sustainability, and strive to promote the prosperous development of the new energy vehicle industry.

Below please find other famous factory project which ERA involved in:

1. Factory Name: Geely Auto ( Hangzhou Bay Plant)

Product supplied: PE steel wire pipes; PE corrugated pipes; PVC drainage pipes

Geely Auto ( Hangzhou Bay Plant)

2. Factory Name:  Zhongxing Automobile (Rizhao Production Base)

Product supplied: PVC-M reinforced pipes

Zhongxing Automobile (Rizhao Production Base)

3. Factory Name:  Dongfeng Automobile (Shiyan Base)

Product supplied: PE 100 pressure pipes and fittings

Dongfeng Automobile (Shiyan Base)

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