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ERA pipe fitting at New Zealand "BuildNZ"

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On June 20-21, 2023, ERA showcased its popular products at the BuildNZ International Building Materials Exhibition in New Zealand. Within just two days, it garnered widespread attention from participants and industry professionals worldwide.

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New Zealand is a highly developed capitalist country and one of the most business-friendly nations according to the World Bank. Its economy has successfully transitioned from agriculture to a globally competitive industrialized free-market economy. As a result, the New Zealand market boasts strong consumer purchasing power in the building materials sector. With its leading brand in the pipeline industry, Gongyuan Corporation's high-value drainage and rainwater product series are a perfect fit for the New Zealand market.

During the exhibition, ERA's sales representatives showcased PVC pipes and fittings, PVC ball valves, PP fittings, and accessories to the customers. Among them, ERA's PVC pipes and fittings, which have been selling well in the New Zealand market, received recognition from a large number of attendees. Customers praised ERA for its excellent product quality and competitive pricing, making their products highly cost-effective in the New Zealand market. The company's PVC ball valves also attracted many customers with their outstanding usability and excellent sealing performance.

Throughout the exhibition, there was a constant stream of new and existing customers visiting the ERA booth. Existing customers engaged in discussions with ERA's sales representatives about their previous collaborations and provided feedback. They also shared the latest industry trends and information. Moreover, they showed a keen interest in the new products and expressed willingness to try them in new orders. New customers, after reviewing the company's product catalog, watching promotional videos, and learning about the certifications obtained, recognized ERA's strength and exchanged business cards with the sales representatives. They kept the product catalog and expressed a strong desire to collaborate.

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In just two days, ERA fully showcased its ERA brand to new and existing customers from New Zealand and other countries through the BuildNZ Building Materials Exhibition. They presented a high-quality product series, strong research and development capabilities, robust production strength, and a comprehensive customer service system. This greatly expanded ERA's recognition and brand influence in the local New Zealand market and showcased the manufacturing prowess of China to the world.

Following the exhibition, ERA's sales representatives visited the stores and warehouses of new and existing customers, as well as inspected the local building materials market. Customers showed the sales representatives the ERA products in their stores and warehouses and shared their sales performance for the year. According to the customers, ERA's products offer high value for money in the New Zealand building materials sector, and an increasing number of end customers are choosing ERA products. The sales representatives took this opportunity to provide customers with detailed information about ERA's production, packaging, quality inspection, and after-sales services, allowing customers to gain a deeper understanding of the company. They also discussed together how to further promote ERA products and provide advertising support to customers.

Additionally, ERA's sales representatives visited large supermarkets and well-known chain stores in New Zealand, exploring popular new products in the local pipeline system. Through these visits to the building materials market and interactions with existing customers, they gained insights into the latest market trends and information.

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After the New Zealand exhibition, ERA will continuously enhance the compatibility of its products with the New Zealand market based on the collected market information and customer needs. They will develop new popular products in line with the latest local market trends. Leveraging its strong research and development and production capabilities, ERA will provide robust support to customers in expanding their market presence.

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"ERA" plastic pipe export volume has ranked first in China's plastic pipe industry for many continuous years, while the production and sales volume ranked second in the industry.

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