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Mastering Future Trends: ERA leads at BATIMATEC 2023

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ERA Showcases New Explosive Products at BATIMATEC 2023 Exhibition in Algeria, 

Leading the Future Development of the Industry

From May 7th to May 11th, 2023, the BATIMATEC 2023 Algeria International Building Materials Exhibition took place in Algiers, Algeria. After three years, ERA Group brings numerous explosive new products, making a stunning appearance at the exhibition, attracting wide attention from participants and industry professionals from around the world.


Algeria, with the largest land area in Africa, has great marketpotential and prospects due to ongoing irrigation projects and construction initiatives. As a leading player in the Chinese pipe industry, ERA Group is highly compatible with the high-demand products in this market.

ERA leads at BATIMATEC 2023.

During the exhibition, ERA showcased its latest research and development achievements, including high-performance ball valves 

and comprehensive irrigation solutions, fully demonstrating ERA 

Group's leading position in the plastic pipe industry. The new ball 

valves(Product Introduction of ERA VALVESfeaturing single union 

ball valves and true union ball valves, received high praise and inquiries from fellow exhibitors and attending buyers, thanks to their excellent usability, good sealing performance, and lightweight yet durable design. According to most buyers, ERA's consistent high-quality products enjoy a strong brand recognition and awareness in the local market. They 

also acknowledged that our newly introduced explosive ball valve products far surpass other products available in the market, offering 

an excellent cost-effective performance.

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During the exhibition, the booth was constantly filled with new and old friends. Through a combination of product presentations, professional explanations,  and hands-on samples, ERA Group provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of ERA, which resulted in a strong intention for collaboration. Regarding the latest import restrictions imposed by Algeria, most friends expressed that despite the numerous limitations and long waiting times for imports, the market is experiencing severe shortages, and local manufacturers do not possess advanced production technologies in the short term, making imports necessary and essential.

The successful participation in the exhibition in Algeria further demonstrates ERA's outstanding position and unparalleled professional capabilities in the pipe industry. As a leader in the industry, ERA has not only gained high recognition from customers for product quality and innovation but has also set an example in providing comprehensive technical support and excellent after-sales service.

After the exhibition, the foreign trade team conducted customer visits and market surveys. They expressed that they were warmly received by many customers. ERA's products were proudly displayed in their stores and showrooms, and customers showcased their warehouses filled with ERA products. ERA team enthusiastically shared the company's plans, mechanized production, and the latest developments in new product development, engaging in in-depth discussions about future cooperation. After the market visits, one team member said that“ It filled us with the latest market information that we had been missing, and helped us understand the development of the local manufacturing industry, the changing trends in popular ball valve handle styles, and the challenges faced by customers due to import policies. Of course, this presents both opportunities and challenges. We have seen the potential for further cooperation and the strong willingness of both new and old friends to import our products.”

ERA leads at BATIMATEC 2023PVC pipe factory in Algeria

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                                                                                                                                                                                Product Introduction of ERA PN10 PIPE FITTINGS

The experience gained from participating in the exhibition and visiting Algeria reaffirms the belief that in order to showcase the charm of ERA's manufacturing and Chinese manufacturing to the world, it is essential to diligently improve our internal capabilities, produce excellent products, and strengthen them. ERA Group strives to seek new breakthroughs in product performance, modular series, and diverse fields. ERA will continue to prioritize customer needs, constantly innovate and improve, and make greater contributions to the development of the global pipe industry. With sustained effort and unwavering determination, ERA believes it will continue to lead the future development of the industry and provide exceptional products and solutions to customers worldwide.

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"ERA" plastic pipe export volume has ranked first in China's plastic pipe industry for many continuous years, while the production and sales volume ranked second in the industry.

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