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The 2023 ERA Jiangsu Partnership Marketing Conference

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Gathering Momentum for Renewal, Steering Towards the Future | The 2023 Jiangsu ERA Partnership Marketing Conference Ends

The Grand Canal stretches for three thousand miles, 

and Huai'an is enchantingly beautiful.


known as the "Capital of China's Canal," 

has always been one of the driving forces behind the 

rapid development of China's economy and culture, 

and it is also the core for the ERA's strategy 

to serve the East China market.

This time, to better explore the East China market, consolidate ERA and its partners, and further expand the company competitiveness, 

the 2023 Jiangsu ERA Cooperative Marketing Conference arrives as scheduled.


Exploring New Possibility of Cooperation

ERA - A new beginning, A new life!

On July 31, 2023 , Jiangsu ERA Cooperative Marketing Conference opened.

ERA distribution conference

Huang Xufeng, the General Manager of Jiangsu ERA, delivered the welcome speech. He emphasized that the interests of customers are always the first thing they think about. In the future, they hope to deepen cooperation with more distributors, build a broad marketing channel network, and establish a more enduring and closer community of shared interests with partners. We look forward that distributors at the conference fully understanding the trend of economic development, finding the right positioning, delving into the market, establishing core distribution teams, actively serving consumers, and becoming the image for ERA brand, making ERA a pioneer in the industry.

Pipe fitting conference

Being a "Host," Serving "Family"

Subsequently, Ji Xiong, the General Manager of ERA, delivered a speech on behalf of the executive team, stating that with the successful operation of Jiangsu ERA, our role has transformed from being "remote" to "local," from "visitors" to "hosts," and from "distant relatives" to "close neighbors." Our local advantages, regional advantages, and distance advantages have been further highlighted. And under such advantages, we should think about how to be good "hosts" and serve our "family."

Pipe fitting conference

He presented three requirements to the leadership team and all colleagues at Jiangsu ERA: to uphold the initial intention of quality, ensure service quality, and stimulate the team's momentum. 

Also, three suggestions to all partners: seize the opportunity, adapt to the new normal, and enter the new track competitively; ride the momentum and gather new strength.

Understanding the "New Normal," Decoding the "New Normal," Grasping the Pulse of Development

Lu Zhenyu, the Chairman of ERA, gave a speech. He mentioned that currently,  the growth rate of China's economy is gradually slowing down, and the time of increments is gone and will never return, we can only grasp the pulse of development and cope with fierce competition by understanding the "new normal" and decoding it.

Pipe fitting conference

Firstly, business requires accumulation of power.

There's a saying, "How much force you gather in a squat will determine how high you jump when you stand up." In uncertain times, especially before major changes occur, we need to look inward and strengthen our inner capabilities.

Secondly, business requires breaking through.

As the saying goes, "No breaking, no standing." We must think about how to break through barriers, sales volume bottlenecks, team weaknesses, and constraints from competitors, searching for the real causes, reviewing multiple times, and finding a way out.

Thirdly, business requires intellectual efforts.

Through repeated training, we need to continuously elevate our thinking and difficulty level, constantly updating and iterating our knowledge.


Pursuing a New Pace of Development

Based in Northern Jiangsu, Serving the Whole Jiangsu

Pipe fitting conference

Wang Sijun, the Vice Sales Manager of Jiangsu ERA, presented the marketing strategic planning report for the Northern Jiangsu market. He mentioned that the market environment changes rapidly, with crises and opportunities coexisting. To stand out in the fiercely competitive environment, it is crucial to choose the right path. To establish a foothold in the Northern Jiangsu market, strategic planning is essential: gathering channel resources, exploring new areas of growth, steadily expanding market share, and leveraging the combined strength of the company and distributor teams to enhance ERA's overall competitiveness in Northern Jiangsu.

How to build a stronger and more excellent distributor sales team?

We are searching for answers in the rapidly changing market.

Pipe fitting conference

In the report on optimizing distributor sales team work, Lu Feng, the Sales Manager of Jiangsu ERA, mentioned that having goals doesn't necessarily mean having good goals. To build an excellent distributor sales team, it is essential to set goals, decomposit, control the process, and gather information about projects collectively.

By finding the right direction, courageously striving, and solidly advancing step by step, our future is unstoppable.


Innovating and Leading New Trends

Continuously Improving the ERA's Ecological Product Matrix

We are now seeking new directions

Using diversified products to meet diverse market demands

Using diversified products to create diversified brand value

A beautiful and happy life

We look forward to creating it together

Pipe fitting conference

During this marketing conference, product managers including Liang Cangpeng, Pan Lingmin, Yang Yugang, and Yu Xu elaborated on products in various application fields and scenarios, such as the ERA's agriculture and animal husbandry domain, ERA's heating and ventilation modules, ERA's ship modules, and ERA's silent drainage system. Through a vivid and informative presentation of new areas/products of the ERA, partners quickly gained an understanding of the company's manufacturing and innovative capabilities.


Agreeing to Start Again

The Iron Army of the ERA, Tenacious in Style

Resolute in Will, Proficient in Business

Taking Responsibility and Able to Win Battles

Pipe fitting conference

During this marketing conference, Mr. Ji signed the "Decisive Battle Order" with Mr. Wang and Tao Jinrui, the General Manager of the ERA's Home Furnishing Division.

Let mobility be more worry-free, let the world be better


Let us together

"Create miracles" with sales volume

Move towards a "happy life" through action!

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