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ERA PVC drain pipe: Helping Ibis Hotel create the world's top luxury experience

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The Ibis Hotel in Australia is a world-renowned high-end hotel located in the center of Perth, Western Australia. As a member of the international luxury hotel brand Ibis Hotels Group, the hotel is widely praised for its luxury, comfort and unique design.

In this high-profile project, ERA Co., Ltd provided high-quality PVC drainage pipes to the hotel. ERA's PVC drain pipes are manufactured from high-quality raw materials and have excellent strength and durability. Through strict testing and certification, we ensure that it meets international standards and environmental protection requirements. During the project, ERA's technical staff had an in-depth understanding of the project's needs and provided customized solutions for the hotel. They designed the piping system precisely to ensure unobstructed drainage and provided comprehensive technical support and installation guidance.

The Ibis Hotel is a luxury hotel offering a wide range of facilities and services including spacious rooms and suites, multiple restaurants and bars, conference and event facilities, swimming pools, spa and more. ERA Co., Ltd paid attention to details and quality during the project implementation process. The PVC drainage pipes adopt the latest environmental protection technology and equipment to ensure that the hotel is a sustainable development project.

ERA Co., Ltd provided tourists with an excellent accommodation experience by cooperating with local governments and business partners, and also brings significant economic benefits and employment opportunities to local residents, promoting the development of the local economy. In the future, ERA will further improve service quality, expand business scope, focus on environmental protection and social responsibility, and make greater contributions to the local economy and society.

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"ERA" plastic pipe export volume has ranked first in China's plastic pipe industry for many continuous years, while the production and sales volume ranked second in the industry.

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