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National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)

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The China International Import Expo has often brought Shanghai to the forefront of world attention. The National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the massive venue hosting the CIIE, is one of the ERA Pipeline's flagship project instances. This new Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, styled like a "clover," is located in the Hongqiao Business District in Shanghai. It is currently the world's second largest single building and display complex. Since its inception, a great number of local and international exhibitions of enormous scale, high quality, good outcomes and massive influence have been joyfully welcomed here.

National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)

The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) and surrounding supporting projects use ERA's high-quality PVC water supply and drainage pipes , PPR water supply pipes , HDPE corrugated pipes , and other series of pipeline products. The system ensures quality in a safe, dependable, and long-lasting manner for municipal administrative systems, construction engineering systems, and power pipeline systems. ERA Unicom's secret "blood vessels" provide a continual stream of vitality to the "evergreen" clover.

During the CIIE, to ensure the safety of electricity in the area where the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) located,Shanghai Electric Power Company concentrated its efforts on the construction of overhead and underground system.This project employs a significant number of ERA CPVC cable pipes, extending a new context for "Clover" and safeguarding the China International Import Expo's power transmission.

ERA Pipeline  re  dedicated to constructing robust and high-quality building pipe networks that will offer sustainable water security to global merchants attending trade shows, exhibits, visits, and exchanges.

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"ERA" plastic pipe export volume has ranked first in China's plastic pipe industry for many continuous years, while the production and sales volume ranked second in the industry.

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