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Underground pipe galleries crack the pain of the city, improve the inner business card

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"The underground pipe galleries alleviate the urban burden and enhance the city's infrastructure. This year, we plan to further expand the renovation of the city's aging gas, water supply, sewage, and heating networks, with a target of transforming over 100,000 kilometers." -- Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

Underground pipe galleries

At present, the length of the domestic pipe network has reached 3.49 million kilometers. Behind the figures, there is a huge underground pipeline network, which is like the capillaries of the city, maintaining the normal operation of the city, but the inevitable aging problem of the pipeline makes them a "pain point" in the process of urbanization construction and transformation.

Transforming urban "capillaries" into "underground arteries"

Underground integrated pipeline corridor refers to the public tunnel under the city for centralized lying of electric power, communication, radio and television, water supply, drainage, heat, gas and other municipal pipelines.

The pipeline is moved underground to effectively solve urban diseases such as "road zipper" and "cobwebs in the air".

It can not only improve the beauty of the city, but also reduce the impact of disasters when irresistible disasters come. In addition, the underground integrated pipe corridor integrates the laying of municipal pipelines such as water, electrical and heating networks, and solves the maintenance and overhaul problems of facilities in one stop.

Underground pipe galleries

ERA underground pipeline corridor construction case list

The Xiongan New Area, where "no wires can be seen up and no manhole covers can be seen down," is a typical case of the construction of underground integrated pipe corridors. 

Underground pipe galleries

A total of 380 kilometers of integrated pipe corridors at the two levels of "trunk line and branch line" have been planned in Xiongan New Area, and 136 kilometers of new pipe corridors have been built. Xiongan New Area will integrate ERA HDPE drainage pipe, ERA HDPE gas pipe, ERA PP rectangular cable pipe and other products into the entire city "lifeline", to achieve the underground pipe gallery system grid, space flexibility, intelligent operation.

PP rectangular cable pipe

Meizhou Jiangnan New City underground integrated pipe corridor is the first project in Guangdong Province to organically combine the pipe corridor and the concept of "sponge city", using PE structural wall pipe (PE double wall corrugated pipe) , pioneering the sewage and rainwater drainage pipe into the integrated pipe corridor, aiming at the long-term planning of sewage into the corridor, leaving enough for the industrial sewage discharge in the future planning of industrial park.

HDPE double wall corrugated pipe

In addition to Xiongan New Area and Meizhou Jiangnan New City, ERA has participated in many pipe corridor projects in Shanghai Songjiang Comprehensive pipe corridor, Hangzhou Asian Games Village area underground comprehensive pipe corridor, Taizhou comprehensive pipe corridor and other cities.

Underground integrated pipe corridor is the foundation of future urban operation. ERA guards the "underground lifeline", in the invisible place, giving the city visible security. In the future, ERA will continue to deepen the pipe network, complete more cities to achieve modern pipe network transformation, and help the construction of smart city Internet of Things.

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