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Smart factory - the leader of future manufacturing

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What is a smart factory?

Smart factory is a concept that expresses the ultimate goal of manufacturing digitalization. It refers to a factory that uses future technological means and intelligent systems to achieve efficient production, flexible manufacturing and automated operations. Smart factories reduce human intervention and errors and improve production efficiency and quality through comprehensive digital and intelligent control of the production process.

smart factory

Why build a smart factory?

1. Increase productivity:By automating and digitizing production processes, we shorten production cycles and reduce labor costs, thereby improving production efficiency and quality.

2. Reduce manufacturing cost:Because smart factories use digital and networked technologies, they can achieve more efficient operations and resource utilization, reduce resource waste and labor costs, thereby reducing production costs.

3. Realize customized production:Carry out personalized production according to customer needs, produce products that are more in line with market demand, and improve the company's market competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

smart factory

Our smart factory construction:

1.Introduce industrial robots:Mainly used for the production and packaging of PVC-U compact ball valves, improving equipment to achieve efficient operation of robots.

2.Build three-dimensional mold warehouse:Through computer intelligent control, all molds are numbered and entered into the computer system, allowing one-click search of molds. After the search is completed, the mold can be shipped out of the warehouse with one click,too. The three-dimensional warehouse can automatically send the mold to the storage location, reducing the time between mold changes and improving production efficiency.

3.Set up a centralized cooling system:During the injection molding, extrusion and kneading and mixing processes, cooling water is needed to cool the equipment. The temperature of the cooling water increases and the temperature of the equipment decreases. The cooling water then flows back to the water pump room, where it is cooled by cooling towers and other equipment to save water resources, improve water resource utilization and ensure the controllability of cooling water temperature.

4.Promote automatic feeding system:Through automatic control, commonly used raw materials are concentrated into several large storage tanks. Through electronic control, the vacuum pump will automatically turn on at regular intervals to pump the raw materials to the machine hopper to ensure the stability of the raw materials, improve the feeding efficiency, and reduce manual labor cost.

smart factory

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