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The Application and Installation of PP Compression Fittings

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PP Compression Fittings

1.  What is PP compression fittings?

Over the years, PP compression fittings have been widely used in agricultural irrigation, drinking water supply and other piping systems.


safety and sanitation

simple installation

quick connection

good water tightness


Application scenario of PP Compression Fittings

      2. Where do PP compression fittings 

      can be used?

      PP compression fittings are used 

      inagriculture gardening,and residential areas, 

      municipal engineering and sports fields. The 

      overall demand in the corresponding global 

      market is large and rising year by year.

3.   How to install PP compression fittings?

For Metric fittings 20mm-63mm:

①  Clean the pipe surface and chamfer the end of pipe.

②  Unscrew nut until half of the thread is visible.

③  Push pipe into body, through the nut, split ring, and O-ring.

④  Screw nut firmly.

pp compression fittings installation procedure

For Metric fittings 75mm-160mm:

①  Clean the pipe surface and chamfer the end of pipe.

②  Separate nut, split ring and insert

③  Push the pipe into nut and put split ring at the farthest from the end of pipe, then put the pipe into the insert

④  Insert the pipe into the body of the fitting until it meets the interior.

⑤  Screw nut with a wrench until it's tight.

pp compression fittings installation procedure

PP compression fittings can connect with HDPE pipe. 

You can see it at the follow picture.

pp compression fittings type

Application scenario of pp compression fittings

Besides connecting with HDPE pipes, PP compression fittings can be used with:

①  Saddle clamp

②  PVC threaded fittings

③  PVC valves, such as compact ball valve, butterfly valve, etc.

④  HDPE pipe and fittings

⑤  drippers, sprinklers, filters, water tanks, pumps, etc.

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