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What is PP compression fittings?

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PP compression fitting and valves are widely used in irrigation, agriculture, gardening,residential, municipal, drinking water supply 

and etc.

They are produced by polypropylene and used for PP pipe 


Installation method of pp pipe fittings:

1. Before the pipes and fittings are bonded, wipe the socket side 

and the outside of the socket with a dry cloth. When there is oil on the surface, wipe it clean with acetone.

2. The section of the pipe should be flat, perpendicular to the axis 

of the pipe, and chamfered; before bonding, the insertion marking line should be drawn and a trial insertion should be carried out. The trial 

insertion depth can only be inserted to 1/3 to 1/2 of the original depth. 

When the gap is too large, it is strictly forbidden to use the bonding 


                                                                                                3. When applying adhesive, apply the inner side of the socket first, 


      and then the outer side of the socket. When applying the adhesive, 

      apply an appropriate amount evenly from the inside to the outside along 

      the axial direction, and do not miss or apply too much (200g/m2).

       4. After the adhesive is applied, it is advisable to keep the applied 

      external force unchanged within 1 minute, and keep the straightness 

      and position of the interface correct.

       5. After the bonding is completed, wipe off the extruded excess 

      adhesive in time, and do not bear force or force loading during the 

      curing time.

       6.  Bonded joints must not be constructed in rain or water, and must 

      not be operated below 5°C.

       7. Connection procedure: preparation → cleaning the working 

      surface → test insertion → brushing adhesive → bonding → 


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