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Whats the features and Benefits of ERA CPVC PIPE FITTINGS?

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Cpvc fitting cts

thermal conductivity

Most suitable for carrying drinking water

CPVC pipes are exceptionally well-suited for transporting drinking water, ensuring the maintenance of high water quality. They exhibit the remarkable ability to inhibit bacterial growth, contributing to the overall healthiness and quality of the water. Even in instances of aggressive water with pH levels below 6.5, CPVC pipes demonstrate their suitability. For pipes designated for carrying water, it is imperative that they possess NSF certification in accordance with ANSI/NSF Standard 61/Program Policy 45. Notably, the presence of Residual Vinyl Chloride Monomer (RVCM) in these pipes is maintained at such low levels that it remains undetectable.

Compatibility with Hot and Cold Water

CPVC pipes seamlessly accommodate both hot and cold water, showcasing their exceptional versatility in comparison to other thermoplastic plumbing systems. Their impressive capability to withstand high temperatures surpasses that of alternative materials. Consequently, numerous solar and electric water heaters integrate CPVC piping systems to optimize heat efficiency while minimizing installation expenses.

Minimal Thermal Expansioncoefficient of thermal expansion

An advantageous characteristic of CPVC pipes lies in their reduced coefficient of thermal expansion, a contrast to alternative plastics. This reduction effectively curtails the expansion of the pipe during the flow of hot water, thereby eliminating unsightly loops in the plumbing system.

Impeccable Leak Prevention

The utilization of CPVC solvent for cold welding ensures swift and straightforward installations, guaranteeing a lifetime of leak-free performance for the entire piping system.

Enhanced Insulation

CPVC pipes outperform alternative options in terms of energy efficiency, functioning as an efficient insulator that prevents heat loss. This inherent quality reduces heat loss and thermal expansion.

Exceptional Strength and Durabilitytensile strength

CPVC pipes boast exceptional resilience and durability, showcasing impressive tensile strength and high impact resistance. These pipes remain resilient even under high pressure and temperature conditions over extended periods.

Superior Fire Safety

With a limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of 60, CPVC pipes are inherently flame-resistant. In air, CPVC pipes do not support combustion, eliminating the risk of flaming drips and minimizing the potential fire load. Furthermore, CPVC exhibits low flame spread and generates minimal smoke.

Simple Cold Welding Process

CPVC installation employs a user-friendly solvent cement jointing method. The tools required for this process are basic and cost-effective, involving only a Deburring/Beveling tool and pipe cutter. Importantly, this method eliminates the need for an electrical power source.

In conclusion, CPVC pipes offer an unparalleled solution for transporting drinking water, ensuring water quality, durability, and safety. Their adaptability to varying temperature conditions, minimal thermal expansion, and straightforward installation process make them a superior choice for plumbing systems. Moreover, CPVC's fire-resistant properties further enhance its suitability for diverse applications, while its environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred option for modern piping needs.

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