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Dubai BIG 5 Show 2023

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From December 4th to 7th, 2023, the Dubai BIG 5 Show 2023 was held in Dubai, creating an unprecedented spectacle. Since its inception in 1980, this exhibition had integrated MEP services, HVAC, refrigeration and cleaning, architectural interior and decoration, construction and special construction, construction tools and materials, construction technology and innovation, urban design and landscaping into one comprehensive event. Each pavilion was equipped with the latest technological facilities, with exhibits strategically organized for easy navigation by visitors and effective exposure for exhibitors to their target visitors.

era at dubai big5

Due to Dubai's advantaged geographic location, mature infrastructure, exceptional talent pool, and inclusive culture, it becomes a fulcrum of the Belt and Road Initiative and a gateway for numerous Chinese enterprises entering the Middle East.

Through years of dedicated efforts in the UAE market, our company ERA has consistently expanded its influence and penetrated surrounding markets, achieving remarkable growth in both mature and emerging markets in the Middle East and maintaining the industry's top position in export volume for 22 consecutive years.

irrigation fitting

Our company's high-quality products enjoy significant brand discernment and recognition in the local market, laying a solid foundation for future business development. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic over the past 3 years, we have been remaining steadfast in our commitment to participating in exhibitions. This exhibition, in particular, represented a crucial opportunity for us, showcasing not only ERA's resilience but also strengthening our communication and collaboration with personnel from all regions. Given the transformative changes in the post-pandemic market, we had proactively adapted by closely aligning with market and customer demands. Through participation in exhibitions, customer visits, and market researches, we had collected diverse information to formulate new plans and strategies.

Dubai big 5 meeting

At the exhibition site, the seamlessly looped PPT perfectly demonstrated our ERA's strength and advantages, capturing the attention of numerous industry peers and attendees. Our exhibition team spared no effort in introducing the latest series of products, such as the UPVC/CPVC valve series which equipped with more compact design, higher working pressure, and excellent cost-effectiveness. Additionally, our competitively new type PPR stop valve, along with the newly launched irrigation series of pipes, fittings, and valves, garnered significant orders from a wide range of industry peers and customers. At the same time, Our compact sales team was actively involved in the communication with a number of exhibitors, new and existing customers and visitors. Together, we analyzed industry status and trends, promoting, promoting the updating and  iterations of products. We also addressed and questions and concerns of customers.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate deeper collaborations with more partners and end-users, collectively driving the industry's development. With the belief that every step forward contributes to a brighter future, we are confident that ERA's tomorrow will be even more promising.

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"ERA" plastic pipe export volume has ranked first in China's plastic pipe industry for many continuous years, while the production and sales volume ranked second in the industry.

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